United For Yemen

Warning: some viewers may find this content distressing

We are defenders of human rights.

The people of Yemen are not starving they are being starved to death.

We demand an immediate ceasefire ‘now’!

Millions of Yemenis are on the brink of starvation. This is a man-made humanitarian crisis and the worst famine in the history of mankind. We who pay tax dollars of countries selling arms to ‘AL SAUD’ all have blood on our hands and are accomplices knowingly supporting war crimes and being complacent towards orchestrated Yemeni terrorism.


The people of this world will not tolerate your oppression and violations of fundamental human rights. To the people of Yemen, We stands with you and We will fight for your liberty.

Reports of US made weapons found in the hands of terrorist groups in Yemen prove their alleged fight against al-Qaeda is baseless.

Now, after four long years of war in Yemen, the country is torn apart and the people by the tens of thousands are being killed or starved to death. Today, countries across the world are still supplying weapons to Saudia Arabia, knowing they could be used to carry out unlawful attacks.

The War in Yemen is Genocide. Over 22 million people in Yemen are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance NOW.

Children in Yemen are literally starving to death because of our nations countries policies. Main stream media does not give Yemeni coverage as though its not happening at all. We, the people, are disgusted by the silence of the media.

You are invited to make a donation with ‘Embrace Relief’ to distributes much needed food items in Yemen. Please consider making a small contribution now https://www.embracerelief.org/yemen/.

Operation Edge propaganda is a cruel joke. Saying: “Saudi Arabia is going to come in to save democracy in Yemen” is an insult to the intelligence of people internationally.

Know that the US Government is cutting deals with Al Qaeda militants in Yemen.

‘Entirely Preventable’ Deaths is what Trump has embraced with ‘America First’ Allegiance to Saudis.

The Saudi-US coalition started bombing Yemen over 4 years ago, and have been starving the Yemeni people to force them to surrender and bend their will to foreign intervention. Atrocities against the people of Yemen still continue each and every single day.

Yemen is being sought for its strategic location connecting the middle east to Asia and Europe to transport oil. Saudi Arabia began construction of its petrol pipeline through war-torn Yemen last year, remember the real reasons for war is always greed and profit.

It is time for humanity to find its voice and the political will to end the years of conflict that has left millions on the brink of starvation.

These regime changes have been going on for centuries.

Saudi-led Coalition Supplies Weapons To Al-Qaeda In Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition provided US-made weapons to al-Qaeda-linked fighters, Salafi militias and other factions taking part in the intervention in Yemen, in violation with their agreements with the US.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE use US-made weapons to buy loyalties of militias or tribes, bolster chosen armed actors, and influence the complex political landscape.

However, by handing off military equipment to third parties, the Saudi-led coalition is in breach of its agreements with the US, according to the US Department of Defense.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are legally obligated to adhere to the prohibition of providing the weapons to third parties, unless officially permitted to do so.

The United States has not authorized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates to re-transfer any equipment to parties inside Yemen.

The US and UK are aiding and abetting genocide, and many of the general public are in silence. Today the UN is overseeing 3 starvation holocausts in Africa right now and it’s all caused by the western interventions.

These war crimes would not be possible without the backing of the United States and Britain. How come news outlets are not mentioning the staggering number of Yemeni who have died over the last year alone? Isnt it obvious how news outlets are under their control?

‘Save The Children’ estimates that 85,000-plus children have died from extreme hunger since the ‘war’ began. 400,000 children are suffering from extreme hunger. Overall, 14 million Yemenis are being starved to death. Have we no shame, have we no Humanity left?

House of SAUD, Saudi Royal Family Stop bombing Yemen now! Tens of thousands slaughtered — among them children on school buses and families fleeing violence — and millions more pushed to the brink of starvation.

Imported arms are fueling death in Yemen. Arming the Saudi dictatorship in the war against Yemen, causing starvation for millions and the worst man made human catastrophe in the history of mankind. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for such an INHUMANE and DELIBERATE ACT of ‘HATE’.

Yemen death toll is in the tens of thousands, yet main stream media stays quiet.

Without military sales and US involvement, the war on Yemen would not have taken place to begin with.

The US Government helps the Saudi-led coalition by providing them with intelligence, selling them arms and ammunition, and, until recently, fueling planes in the conflict that has left tens of thousands dead and millions more suffering from starvation and disease. Do not forget that the US Government is helping Saudi Arabia destroy Yemen.

Recently the government of Saudi Arabia has taken it upon themselves to indiscriminately bomb the Yemenis people. The Saudi Arabian government has continued to commit such atrocities while world leaders look the other way. WE see your crimes house of Al Saud and we shall not stand idle. WE will stand and fight for our brothers and sisters who are being denied their basic human rights and freedoms.

This is a call to action upon the people of this world to stand and lift up a standard against oppressors. Our freedom means theirs isn’t. Lets Stand with the people of Yemen. Stand with us and stay silent no more. Your silence is complacency. It is your duty as free people of an international community to oppose violent regimes, regardless of political affiliations.

It has been more then four year since the illegal western armed Saudi war on Yemen began.

The Last Hospitals in Yemen have closed and the people of Yemen face new threats of airstrikes by Israel to provoke Iran.

More then four long agonizing years of humanitarian crisis with no end in sight.

Take a stand to stop the War on Yemen. Raise up your Voices. Together we are strong! Together our voices will make a difference!

Take a stand to stop the War on Yemen. Raise up your Voices. Together we are strong! Together our voices will make a difference!

Let’s Unite in Solidarity for Yemen.

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